Exsimplify Volumizing Mousse

Exsimplify Volumizing Mousse
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What it is:
-A phenomenal volumizing mousse that builds extreme body to fine limp hair.
-Maintains maximum hold without film or product build-up.
-Leaves hair full of bounce and shine that last days after use.
Why you should use it:
-Ideal for making fine, thin hair appear thicker and fuller.
-To create styles without hardening or becoming sticky before styling is complete.
-Maintains bounce and fullness until shampooed out.
When to use it:
-Use on wet hair as a styling or setting foam to create fullness and lift.

How much to use:
-Start with a small amount (one or two pumps) and re-apply as needed depending on the thickness of the hair and the amount of volume and hold desired.
How to use it:
-Apply to damp hair from back bottom of head and work through to the scalp.
-Continue blow drying hair to reach maximum fullness without the fear of product drying before achieving desired style.